On the morning of 9th January 2024, the most dedicated and impactful disciple builder, leader and evangelist the continent of Africa has ever had, was promoted to life eternal. 

Dr. Melisachew Mesfin succumbed to a sudden and critical illness that saw him seek medical treatment in India from where he died. 

Having served in African Enterprise Ethiopia for over 20 years, Dr. Melisachew left a legacy of service, dedication and faith, the fruit of which are evident today through the robust establishment of a discipleship program across all of the major cities of Ethiopia. 

Dr. Melisachew’s humility and dedication to following God’s call saw him reject several government offers that would have seen him make a fortune but he sought to leave a mark on the church of Ethiopia, by discipling the next generation.

The church in Ethiopia still faces a lot of persecution from militant groups, Muslim extremist groups and sometimes even political persecution yet despite all of this, under the leadership of Dr. Melisachew Mesfin, African Enterprise Ethiopia extended the reach of discipleship to majority of the country, even the volatile North.

Melisachew’s dedication to the young people was without limit as he firmly stood for discipling the next generation and building the church of tomorrow today! 

Dr. Melisachew will surely be greatly missed by the church in Ethiopia, African Enterprise and even more deeply, his lovely family and friends.


The National Board and Staff of AEE Zimbabwe would like to convey their deepest condolences to AE Ethiopian Board, staff and indeed to the Mesfin family for the loss of a dedicated soldier of Christ.

For two decades Dr. Melisachew Mesfin dedicated his life for AE service. He is greatly remembered for his astute management and  leadership within AEE Ethiopia and his contribution to African Enterprise is invaluable .His absence will be deeply felt by all who knew him and those whose life has been touched by his ministry. His contributions to the discipleship program have made a lasting impact, and his passion for children and youth will continue to inspire us.

To his family and colleagues, may you find solace in that his Spirit is with Christ who he served all his life.

Go well The “Vice Chancellor”
Mr Absolom Gatsi
AEE Zimbabwe Board Chairman

We’re saddened to hear of the passing away of Mel Mesfin— a faithful gospel worker with AE Ethiopia for many years. Such a painful loss to the body of Christ and the African Enterprise family. May God’s comforting presence surround his family and the Ethiopian team during this challenging time.

Rev. Simba Musvamhiri, Chief Executive Officer 
African Enterprise Australia/New Zealand

Tribute on behalf of the Team Leaders (Bernard Owusu Sachie)

Our late brother Dr Melisachew Mesfin was an exceptional individual who made a significant impact on the AEI Family. During the years we worked with him he showed us what true humility looks like. He was an embodiment of humility and love. 

Dr. Mesfin was a result-oriented and action-focused person, despite being a man of few words. His simplicity and ever-smiling face won him the admiration of all his colleagues. His in-depth knowledge of the Scriptures and commitment to teaching the whole counsel of God earned him the title of Chancellor from some of his colleagues. 

Brother Mel was a man of peace and a wise mentor who always urged his colleagues to be careful not to jeopardize the good legacy of AE. A couple of times, I have had Mel coming into my room or calling me via phone after some discussions either at the IC or Team Leaders meeting and he will say “Ben, let us be careful that we don’t destroy the good legacy of AE. I believe he might have done the same to my other colleagues.

He was an open-minded person. His willingness to share ideas and collaborate with others, despite his extensive knowledge, was impressive. He understood that wisdom did not reside in one mind and he was always open to learning from others. 

As if he knew that was his last encounter with us, during the AEI training in Nairobi last September, he pushed hard to have time with me and shared his thoughts on the need to encourage our colleagues never to give up on our quest to evangelize Africa, even amid financial crises. With his usual low voice, he told me so many things time would not allow me to mention.

He was a man who understood the calling of God and the assignment God has given to us as the AEI family. No wonder, after his demise, Dr Cornelius Huwa was prompted in his spirit to ask the question “What would have Emmanuel and Mel wanted to see happen in life or death?” The answer is clear: for us to fulfil the God-given assignment. 

Dr. Melisachew Mesfin’s, commitment to discipleship was incredible. Indeed, he single-handedly contributed significantly to discipling young people in Ethiopia. We believe that very soon God will raise many evangelists of his calibre to continue the good legacy he left behind.

On behalf of the Team Leaders, I say rest in peace, Dr. Mesfin. May you rest well in the bosom of your maker, your Lord, and your friend. 

Rest well Amen. 

On behalf of all at AE South Africa, I extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Dr Melisachew Mesfin. His legacy and commitment to extending the Kingdom of God, especially in Ethiopia, is legendary, and may it indeed continue to inspire many others from generation to generation. He was of course also a dear friend of our Founder, Michael Cassidy, and we have all benefitted from the learnings of their shared experience in India. May the teachings and books of Dr Melisachew continue to edify the Body of Christ across the continent and abroad for years to come. Brother Melisachew was a gentle and wise man, who exuded the love of Christ, and he will be dearly missed.

Yours sincerely,
Theuns Pauw, Team Leader – AE South Africa

It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Dr Melisachew Mesfin’s death on January 10th.

I met with Melisachew on a number of meetings at various AE events including the old IPG and IC and other events.  I met with him and his team on at least two occasions in Addis Ababa.  We even had coffee on an occasion when he was in Brisbane visiting his daughter

Melisachew joined AE after a senior role with Government but I found a quiet humble man who spoke authoritatively  and with great wisdom,  more than this he was a listener.  He felt that he had been called by God into the ministry, indeed in one meeting with him in Nairobi he stated that he was called into the ministry and he would not leave unless and until God called him out.  It was truly a vocation.  he would carry it out despite a lack of funds and many trials.  he was a true evangelist and teacher.

His ministry to younger people from senior school and beyond is inspirational.  His writings and teachings deserved a much wider audience.  He addressed issues of leadership in a Christian and godly way.

Melisachew truly walked in the sandals of Jesus (the carpenter from Nazareth). His dedication, teachings, leadership and true humility is an inspiration for us all.

I only ask that those close to him remember the things most admired in his life may live on through their/our lives.

Some time ago I wrote a piece called “And we Can Free” two of the seven stanzas read;

As followers of Jesus can we match
Our words, and actions, and attitudes; to be in alignment with Him?
Can we seek to follow His example
Of servant Leadership
The good news is that we can.
If we open our hearts and lives to Him.
If we can expose our shortcomings
And accept His forgiveness and rebuilding
On our own we are weak.
But, we do have freedom;

With God’s guidance

Let us mourn the loss of our dear friend but also rejoice in his life.

At this time of sadness i pray that his family may be comforted and find god’s peace as they mourn.  It is very right that we should mourn.
In the name of Jesus I wish you all God’s blessing
Jonathan Addison

I fondly remember Dr Mesfin. We pray God’s peace and comfort upon hs family and colleagues. Much love from Wellington Jansen, former AE Regional Director, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

My dear Bitsat. Carol and I and our whole AE South Africa team send you and your family our deepest condolences and loving sympathy in the loss of your beloved Mel.

This has come as a terrific shock to us, and it must have been even more so for you.  I must say I am personally feeling this loss very acutely as I dearly loved Mel, especially after getting to know him so well during our 3 week trip to India. He was one of the loveliest men in the whole AE ministry, and certainly one of the most competent. His loyalty to me was also something I greatly treasured, and I only wish I could have had more time with him. To be sure, we will all miss him greatly. Carol and our whole SA Team and Board join me in sending you our deepest love and sympathy in this time of loss, 

African Enterprise Founder 
Michael Cassidy