“Integrity does not mean that you are exempted from your fallen state of humanness. Will you seek to hide or like David, show yourself to God openly, when you fail? How do you handle your failures before God and before men? “

Integrity is key to authentic Christian living. If one is to truly live a life that is representative of Christ, integrity is a word that will have to be a daily verb. This was the first physical meeting of the Karen Prayer Breakfast where African Enterprise is a partner.

The devotion was done by Rev. Dr. Nelson Makanda who serves as the Vice Chancellor of Africa International University.

“How are you handling the grace given to you for this season in whatever area of stewardship you are in? Friends, let us do our best to be men and women of integrity” Rev. Makanda charged.

Part of African Enterprise’s initiatives to further the kingdom of God and transform lives across the continent of Africa include establishing a prayer culture in the nations of Africa. The Karen Prayer Breakfast is a fellowship that works closely with African Enterprise as a springboard for launching and catalysing prayer breakfasts across the partner countries of Africa. 

Karen Prayer Breakfast is part of the organising of the Kenya Prayer Breakfast and it also birthed the Zambia National Prayer Breakfast. African Enterprise, together with Karen Prayer Breakfast, is setting in place the foundation for the Malawi National Prayer Breakfast this year.