A team from Wheaton Bible Church, headed by Pastor Hanibal Rodriguez who serves as the senior pastor, paid African Enterprise International a visit on Saturday 24th February.  The team were invited by Emmanuel Kwizera, the International Missions Director who is a member of the Wheaton Bible Church. 

After being shown around the office and being told about the history of African Enterprise, the team of guests was treated to a dinner at the Tamarind Brasserie in Karen where they got to meet AEE Kenya board members and some of the African Enterprise International Institute of Evangelism Advisory Board members. 

While being his first time to Kenya, Pastor Hanibal Rodriguez shared his admiration for the work of African Enterprise and commended Emmanuel Kwizera for his great impact in teaching evangelism in Wheaton Bible Church. 

As African Enterprise, we are excited about the future partnerships between AE and Wheaton Bible Church.