By Ulysse and Julie Baguida

On Wednesday, May 22, Vineyard Brussels Church played host to a dinner event organized by African Enterprise Europe, welcoming over twenty guests of diverse backgrounds and nationalities. 

This visit was one of the final stops for International Team Leader Dr. Stephen Mbogo on his global mission fundraising tour. 

Attendees of the dinner had the opportunity to learn more about AE’s initiatives and projects during an engaging dialogue facilitated by Carlton Deal between Dr. Stephen Mbogo from Kenya and Dr. Antoine Rutayisire from Rwanda. The gathering took place in a convivial atmosphere complemented by a fusion of African and European cuisine.

The exchange between Stephen Mbogo and Antoine Rutayisire commenced with light-hearted banter about their respective cultures, later transitioning into a more profound discussion about their journey with African Enterprise and the impactful aspects of their work. They elaborated on AE’s overarching strategy, emphasizing the organization’s mission to reach all strata of society across Africa. African Enterprise places significant importance on social initiatives and empowerment programs for marginalized communities, aiming not only to lead individuals to Christ but also to effect a transformative shift in mindset that breaks the cycle of poverty.

Furthermore, African Enterprise aspires to engage individuals in positions of influence. Recognizing the potential for widespread impact when leaders embrace Christianity, AE adopts a strategic approach to engage with political figures. This practice aligns with the biblical principle of praying for and sharing the Christian message with authorities. Contrary to the notion that Christians should refrain from involvement in politics and commerce, AE, similar to the European Parliament’s model, organizes Prayer Breakfasts where political figures interact with committed Christians, fostering credibility and impactful testimonies. Antoine recounted instances where government officials embraced Christianity following their participation in such events.

Lynn, who is the AE Europe Leader, recommended exploring the works of Michael Cassidy, the visionary founder behind African Enterprise, who played a pivotal role in influencing the political landscape of South Africa in 1994. His book “A Witness Forever” and the documentary “The Threatened Miracle of the South African Democracy,” available on YouTube, offer insightful perspectives on this transformative period.

The gathering left attendees inspired and galvanized to further support AE’s mission, contributing their time and resources to advance the Kingdom of God and promote justice across Africa.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support to the Lord’s work through African Enterprise