wild flowers in the mountain

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to you all!

I am grateful to the Lord for granting us yet another opportunity for a new beginning. In 2022, we saw
His goodness, mercy and provision in mighty ways. In moments when we were not sure in which
direction to go, or how we would accomplish the plans we had set, we leaned on the truth that He
prepared everything in advance for us to succeed in what He called us into.

I have learnt that the best preparation for a successful new beginning is to set our hearts to trust
God in whatever we hope to achieve. In Ecclesiastes 3:11, it says that “He has made everything
beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has
done from beginning to end.”
We know that His plans for us are good, therefore we can rest knowing
that the end has already been determined, and He will guide our steps to a victorious end.

When we read Solomon’s story in the bible, we can testify of the grand works he did and the
achievements he made for the Lord. The Bible tells us that all his work was prepared in advance
from the day of laying the foundation until the day it was finished. “Now all the work of Solomon was
prepared unto the day of the foundation of the house of the Lord, and until it was finished. So, the
house of the Lord was perfected.” (2 Chronicles 8:16 KJV
) Similarly, for us, may we trust that the Lord
has prepared everything in advance, from the beginning to the end. Our part is to follow His lead in
the lane He has assigned to us.

Doesn’t it bring great freedom and comfort to know that we don’t have to figure out all the steps on our own?

It is enough to know our why (our vision and missions) and the Lord will always take care
of our how.

My prayer for us, therefore, as we embark on a new year is that God will renew our strength and
joy, that we will soar like eagles in all areas of our lives, that we will run and not grow weary, and
we will walk and not be faint. As we continue working towards the Great Commission, we trust the
Master Builder and His plan for us; we will sail the uncharted waters because the One Who calms
the storms is in our boat.


Grace and peace,

Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo, CEO AE International.