I am coming back to Jesus Christ.

African Enterprise South Sudan carried out it’s first ever mission on 19th November 2023. The mission, like all African Enterprise evangelical missions, is to run for a whole week until the 26th of November. The mission is being carried out in the Equatorial region of South Sudan in the city of Terekeka.

While sharing the gospel using the one-on-one model, the evangelists came across a lady, Mama Erina. She was in her compound and upon seeing the evangelists come towards her, she eagerly welcomed them to hear what they had to say. Mama Erina later decided to rededicate her life to Jesus!

“I am 42 years old, I am an Anglican Christian, and I have accepted Jesus in my life. In the last four years, the devil dragged me out of the church and of the love of God.

I have been living a life where I have had no interest in going to church.  I joined a carnal lifestyle of drunkenness and smoking. I spent most of my time drinking alcohol in my house with my friends. I have never been to church for three years.

Yesterday by surprise, mission evangelist Taban entered my compound and found me seated in my bed, and started to share with me the message of the salvation of God. 

From yesterday I took a decision to accept Jesus Christ and come back to him again. From now onward, I will leave smoking, drinking and follow Jesus Christ!!”

That was the testimony of Mama Erina, and a testament to how God is bringing back to the heart of worship, the people of Terekeka, a city whose name means forgotten but God is reminding everyone there of His love for them!