Stanley, a middle-aged former convict experienced freedom in Christ through the preaching of the gospel during Lilongwe Adziwe Yesu’s Serve the City cleaning exercise. Compelled by the exercise that took place on the 21st of October, 2023, he decided to sit through the Word that was shared after the cleaning was done. This decision provided a platform for a turning point in his life.

Stanley has seen his life abound and abased. “After my secondary school, I managed to undertake a short course that landed me a decent office job. I began to accumulate wealth for myself from the money that I managed to save up. In spite of the progress I made in acquiring assets, I was involved in financial malpractice at work which led to my being arrested. Because I did not have disposable income, I ended up selling all of my assets in order to make bail. After the case was closed, I realized that I had nothing, no job, and no money to sustain myself”, he said.

Stanley had to start from somewhere after he lost all his property, he became a vendor at Lilongwe Bus Depot to make ends meet. Since then, he struggled to fend for himself and was convinced that nothing good could come out of him. He has suffered self-condemnation for the choices he made.

He attentively listened as the gospel was being shared during the Serve the City exercise, “the preacher talked about God’s mercy and how everyone qualifies for it. It was hard to believe that I could ever be forgiven for all the wrongs I did. That prompted me to surrender my life to Christ, it was the first time after my arrest that I felt forgiven. I am grateful to God for His mercy and the clean slate He has provided me”, Stanley said.

For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Stanley is glad that he was saved from losing his own soul and he believes that He has found all that he needs in Christ.