The Lausanne for Africa and Middle East gathering took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from November 14th to 17th 2023. The aim of the gathering was deepen the listening process in each of the regions involved, identify key missional action points, promote and practice fruitful collaboration, gather accurate data to inform the State of the Great Commission Report, and guide strategic planning toward 2050.

The gathering in Addis Ababa brought together hundreds of churches, evangelical and parachurch organisations, and leaders from EPSA (English, Portuguese and Spanish speaking Africa), MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and Francophone Africa. 


As a result of the gathering, the launch of the African and Middle East Leadership Forum (AMLF) took place during the Lausanne 4 Africa and Middle East (L4AM) in Addis Ababa.

The vision casting of AMLF included a focus on equipping and networking African leaders to contribute to discussions and growth of perspectives towards the faith challenges of our current times and build sustainable partnerships that will enable Africa to strongly play a role in Global Mission. The vision was warmly received by the participants of the Launch from the English, Portuguese & Spanish-speaking Africa (EPSA), Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and Francophone Africa regions.

This launch of AMLF was an initiation of a continental forum that will facilitate the collaborative engagement of Christian leaders. The Regional Directors from the Lausanne Movement lead this initiative, showcasing a collaborative effort to address leadership challenges in the continent by bringing influencers onto the global stage of transformative world missions. African Enterprise led the secretariat and gave key input in the shaping of this initiative and its impact on the continent.

Rev. Ben Sachie, AE Ghana Team Leader
Rev Benson Omondi, AEE Kenya Team Leader

Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo speaking to the EPSA group

Reflections from African Leaders

“We need to study the context of our work, understand the realities, and listen to what God is saying in the conflicts, and how we can be instruments of blessing and reconciliation.” Dr Salim Munayer

“The Lausanne Movement has had a tremendous impact and influence in my life. Forever, I remain grateful for coming in contact with Lausanne when I was still a younger leader. Lausanne has taught me intentionality in targeting young people and investing in the lives of young people. That has been my work in IFES. Lausanne helped me to focus more with intentionality of helping young people because they hold the future in helping the Church fulfil the Great Commission” Rev Gideon Para-Mallam

“It’s time to tell a new story about Africa. The stories that we tell shape the economic realities of our continent, and also make and break the dignity of our people, and they create our identity as individuals, as nations and as a continent. The stories we need to start telling now for the African century can create the shalom that we have been talking about this week, as we look forward to the bright future that the Holy Spirit has for us.“ Miles Giljam