Being robbed at gunpoint while going out for evangelism is not something that happens every day. Yet that is exactly what happened to the group of young Foxfires from African Enterprise South Africa, as they went out for evangelism during the July Durban Week 3 mission. 

The Foxfire program is a disciple-making ministry that trains and disciples the evangelists of the next generation. The program is therefore often made up of young people who have just finished high school, or college-going students who have taken a gap year. 

The team of 11 set out from the African Enterprise office to go and share the good news in the mission areas that were selected for that day, including markets and schools and it was on their way there that they were ambushed by two gun-wielding robbers while at a stop. The Foxfires together with the Foxfire manager Mr. Sokhela then exited the van and watched as the robbers drove off. The team quickly spread the word of the incident and burst into prayer for God to intervene. Though no one was physically hurt, many were left traumatised by the incident.

Upon reporting the incident to the police, the van was traced and recovered within an hour. The police were able to trace, locate and recover the van just before the robbers had started trying to break it apart into separate parts that would have then been sold all over the country and even across the borders into the neighbouring countries. The Foxfire van, which is a Toyota Quantum, is a popular design whose parts are on high demand on the black markets usually around and within cities.

The sound system which was on board the van together with four phones disappeared and were not recovered however no one was hurt, all eleven people were unharmed. Later on that very day, the Foxfires set out to do ministry as they had planned and God was glorified as people gave their lives to Christ. 

After the incident, Sokhela, the Foxfire manager for African Enterprise South Africa urged every missionary to “ cover yourself with prayer every time you are out, because that is where you get to experience the hand of God.”

Please continue upholding the Foxfire ministry in prayer for safety every time that they go out to do ministry. You are also invited to partner with African Enterprise to support the Foxfire ministry.