18 missioners, over 1,800 kilometres, for a purpose – souls.

African Evangelistic Enterprise Kenya held their Reach Mombasa and Reach Diani Missions from the 2nd to the 12th of June 2022. The mission brought together missioners from across Africa with one common goal – to evangelise to the communities in the Coastal region of Kenya.

Among the foreigners who joined the mission was a team of 18 who travelled from Zambia to ensure that the Gospel reaches all parts of Africa.

Christopher Ndengi, one of the missioners from the Zambia team. Watch the testimony at: https://bit.ly/ZambiansatReachMombasa

“It wasn’t easy because the nature of our roads is not very good. We reached here and some of our legs were swollen,” says Christopher Ndengi. He and 17 other missioners came from all over Zambia and travelled by road to Mombasa, Kenya. “Mission is not an easy journey, but because God is the owner of the mission, He makes everything very easy.

Joseph Kawele, leader of the Zambian delegation to Reach Mombasa and Diani Mission. Watch the testimony at: https://bit.ly/ZambiansatReachMombasa

“We were from different parts of Zambia but we needed to come together and coordinate everything as a team.” Joseph Kawele was the team leader of the Zambian delegation. He was tasked with coordinating the travel and logistics of having a successful mission, which he did with the help of the African Enterprise team.

Through a WhatsApp group, Joseph managed to bring together the team of 18 and have them meet jointly in Lusaka, before setting off for Mombasa.

Common Mission

The Coastal city of Mombasa is Kenya’s second-largest city and is home to a majority Muslim population. Evangelism in this area was tough as some residents were resistant to welcoming the missioners into their homes and workplaces. In this city where Swahili is the main language, a language barrier challenge welcomed the missioners from Zambia. During the mission, they were coupled up with local missioners who would help them move around the town and also help in translation.

Boastz Kaputa, one of the missioners from the Zambia team. Watch the testimony at: https://bit.ly/ZambiansatReachMombasa

“The Word of God requires the heart, not the mind. They received the message because it went in power, and we have seen the glory of God in all the areas that we went.” Commenting on the success of overcoming the language barrier, Boastz Kaputa was appreciative of the local missioners who were very accommodating. The Reach Mombasa and Diani Mission had all missioners hosted in homes opened to the missioners from different congregants of the different churches in Mombasa.

“We have even developed big families, the people of Mombasa are very accommodative,” adds Joseph Kawele.

Lady on Mission

Catherine Kanghozi was the only lady in the 18-person team from Zambia that made their way to Kenya for the Reach Mombasa and Diani Mission.

“I am very humbled and I believe it is God that appointed me to accompany the mission team. It is our way of showing obedience to the Great Commission. The church is growing in members but not in disciples. It is our duty to take up the mandate left for us. Reaching out to Islamic regions is hard but God gives us courage. He commissioned us to come here and I have the confidence that His work has been done. It is not about religion – it is about the Gospel of God”.

I feel that this is the set time for ladies to be exposed to preaching the Gospel. We carry the same Holy Spirit and I challenge every lady to stand up and to get ready to get this harvest.”

Four Days

Four days is what it took these missioners to travel to Mombasa, and it was worth it. More than 300,000 people were reached with the Word during this unique mission by AEE Kenya that involved 14 different zones in the Coastal region. “People were receptive. Where we interacted with the Muslims, they seemed convinced that Jesus is Lord,” Boastz comments. The mission that involved door-to-door evangelism, church ministry, school ministry, ministry to police officers and other forms of stratified evangelism, saw over 20,000 people accepting Christ into their hearts and living a new life in a forever destination.

“When the Kenyans come to Zambia, they shouldn’t be so worried,” Boastz and the team welcomes Kenyans and others to journey back with them to Lusaka, Zambia during the Lusaka Mission that will be held in August.

As African Enterprise marks 60 years of evangelising African cities in word and deed, different missions are being held in other African countries similar to the Reach Mombasa and Diani Mission. The celebrations will culminate with a mission in Lusaka, Zambia from the 27th of August to the 4th of September 2022. Join us in prayer as we trust God for successful missions, and feel free to reach out to your local office to be part of the celebrations.

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