1 Samuel 15.1-35

A 5-year old repeatedly circled the neighbourhood until a neighbour asked, “What are you doing?”
He answered, “I’m running away from home!”
She asked, “Why do you keep circling the block?”
He answered, “Because mum and dad won’t allow me to cross the road by myself!!”

You can run from God without moving or changing your job, church, or your ministry. You’re running away if God calls you into His Mission but you’re glued to your seat or are busy with your own pastime.

It is impossible to walk with God without obedience. Samuel told Saul: “Because you have rejected
the word of the LORD, He has also rejected you from being king.”

Obedience is never dormancy. When you don’t go, you disobey. Doing nothing is as bad as doing the
wrong thing. Some suffer judgement for doing nothing!

God’s Grace saves us, but God judges us by our obedience. Saved by Grace through Faith NOT by our
Works, but Faith must Work.

Doing a good thing does not equal obedience. Obedience takes God at His Word, doing His Word.

Authentic obedience has these characteristics: A heart devotion to God’s will. Check your attitude
toward God’s law – Is your heart true to God?

Devotion to God’s Word. Delight in God’s Law to obey it. Saul thought it was a recommendation to
annihilate the Amalekites! His failure produced Haman in Esther! “A Bible that is worn and falling
apart from use usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”

Brokenness of heart, The continual surrender of your will to God’s will. The Word becomes life when
we are broken from our own ways to God’s Way. Broken people repent quickly and easily

Authentic Obedience results in a Transformed Life. Obedience hates evil and loves righteousness.
The result is Christ-likeness.

Your authentic Obedience makes God’s Word supreme in our life.

Rev. Canon Dr. John Senyonyi – AE Uganda